Handwritten postcards
Give the impression that you wrote this text by your hand
and make your clients feel themselves special!
The service of writing postcards to your customers with a special handwritten robot giving the impression that you wrote this text by your hand.

The average conversion to a review is 7-10%. That is, for 100 sent postcards, you can get up to 10 submitted reviews, which gives us an average price of a review of only $ 2.5-3.

Postcards can be completely personalized by addressing each customer by name.

100-500 pieces – $ 2.49

500-2000 pieces – $ 1.99

2000+ Pieces – $ 1.79

* Minimum order - 100 units
This shipment includes:

1. "Thank you" postcard with handwritten text

2. A leaflet with a brand background and a review request

3. Envelope

4. Paid stamp ($ 0.5)

It is also possible to apply photographs on postcards, use any materials and other improvement. The price for this is calculated individually!
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